woensdag 23 november 2011

Internet Love Story: CTFxC Wedding (Charles & Alli)

maandag 14 november 2011

Occupy Movement

Dear blog readers, if you've followed my vlogs on youtube lately you'll have come to the understanding that i'm a very proud and active member of Occupy Amersfoort which is our local Occupy chapter of the big event called Occupy.
Thanks to Occupy i have a very open and new life but that also means i'm spending way less time behind the computer so i'm thinking of a way to fix all this.
1 way for example is me carrying a small notebook with me and writing down what all happenes so i can blog about that, would you guys like that or do you prefer another option which obviously you guys can give me.

My sincere apologies for my absense and this short blog but i felt like i've kept y'all in the dark for far to long.

As always i thank you very much for reading, please don't forget to help me share these vlogs with the world and most importantly, to reply so i know what you guys think of my blogs.

- Straps