maandag 31 oktober 2011


Makeup Tutorial - Daily Routine

Hello there my dear blog readers!!

My super big apology for NOT posting anything lately but as you might watch my daily vlogs you might understand that i'm a very proud activist for 1 over the over 25 adapted occupy wallstreet chapters here in the dutch city of Amersfoort so im not behind my pc 24/7 anymore BUT i told them everything about my work online and they agreed on letting me film there and such so i can post that online and i will do so as much as possibly possible if that sounds logic :P
For now i'm just very proud to present that i've made my 1st EVER makeup tutorial video, NO i did notput make-up on myself but i recorded my best friend Lucy (LucyComeOut on youtube) while she was doing her makeup, i recrded the products and without any help or inside info on the actuall products i tried making a video and this is the end result, i hope you like it.
if you do please leave a comment, thumb it up and make sure to share it with all your friends, family and online social media sites. thanks so much!


maandag 24 oktober 2011

Occupy Wall-Street: Amersfoort chapter.


Hello my dear blog readers!
Today i tried participating in the "Occupy Wall-Street" demonstrations and they finally came to Amersfoort (city in the province Utrecht where i live) i felt really bad i couldn't do anything to help these protests simply cause my wallet didn't allow it but since it is in Amersfoort it wouldn't be a problem since i live there. Better yet, it is seriously only 5 on the bike away from home so i had the chance to actually go and i'm totally thinking of going back tomorrow/wednesday or some other day, i just need to be more prepared cause it was freakin' cold!
I have a lot of respect for the people who do this cause some of them actually also sleep there and it's like October so it's not at all warm, not even during the day. I was there till like 6 P.M. and in the end i was totally starting to freeze off my balls hihi.
It was totally awesome, no one was looking for a fight, everyone took it very serious and they keep the place VERY clean, i couldn't spot any trash, well at least not outside of the trash bin hihi.
Tomorrow or wednesday i'm totally gonna try to film way more, many people actually also asked for my YouTube channel and my business card which made me happy, more locals to see my videos.

I also had dinner there, was very awesome, everything they serve is vegetarian/vegan to make sure that EVERYONE who wants to eat there can actually stay there and doesn't have to leave. Random strangers who liked the protests even sponsor them now with food.
The cold weather is not at all a match for the amazing atmosphere going on, everyone is friendly, no questions are stupid and they don't try to convert you.
Many of them actually even knew ZeitGeist and are Anti-Illuminati and anti mass production and such so i'm totally excited i was there and totally looking forward to going back, just don't know when.

As always, i thank you so much for reading my blog, i'm a daily vlogger and i just like writing but i'm not to good at is so super thanks for your time!

Please don't forget to leave a comment if you feel like that and help spread these blogs so more people will actually read them.
Would actually be totally awesome if the people i met today would read this hihi.

Bye Bye
- Straps

Hair Styles

Hello my dear blog readers!

About two or three days ago i saw a video on YouTube (no shit sherlock, i'm always on YouTube lol) and i fell in love with this haircut which opened up a question in my brain.
I don't understand why girls (females over-all, age doesn't really matter) can pull off any kinda clothing style or hair style and it's considered fashionable but when a guy does something different it might only be considered fashionable when he actually works in fashion which i don't, i don't even had a class (ever) considering fashion but yeah i have seen this haircut and like the old tale of the curse on Medusa that you'll turn into stone after you've look directly into her eyes and such, this haircut is burned into my brain and i'm like obsessing over it so i wanted to share it with you guys and maybe give some suggestions on likewise haircuts or colors. The haircut i'm talking about is this one displayed right here!
Please don't think i'm joking cause i LOVE this haircut, maybe a different color but i love this color so i actually might, but what do you guys think?
And why is it socially accepted if girls do whatever they please (fashion-wise) and when men do that you can wave your job goodbye or wave your chances for a job goodbye.

As always thanks so much for reading my blog, i hope you will take a second to leave me a comment and ill see you in my next blog!

Bye Bye
- Straps

If you feel like it please leave me links for haircut ideas, you never know if you win me over <3

zondag 23 oktober 2011

Personal Subjects!

Hello my dear blog readers!

I know it has been a while since i've posted a blog but i prefer blogging about something real every now and then over blogging about bullsh*t every single day, i wanna do the best i can writing entertaining stuff that's gonna make you think, laugh etc.
That is the reason why i haven't been blogging lately, there is something on my mind though but to me personally it's a very sensitive subject. 1 or 2 people i know in real life might know about this but that's it and they know me and respect me but they don't even udnerstand this subject o i really need to use the right words for this before i start writing.
Eventually you'll know about this but personally, writing about this is more nerve wrecking thenm coming out of the closet to my best friends and my family and even though i had a good feeling about that (which fortunately for me was also the end result) it felt like going through hell (though hell seems like a nice place now, my apartment is freezing cold, could use some heat) but eventually not needed.
You can ask everyone i know in my personal life and they will ALL (within seconds) agree that i'm the worst person in the universe sometimes telling something with the right words...AKA...while all is meant well, i use the wrong words to explain something and all hell will break loose. What is with me and hell today, it's not THAT cold up here...
what also plays a big part (coming back to the main subject of this blog...which ironically is blogging itself) is that i write what i think, it's LITERALLY the same way as in movies or tv series where you have those scenes in which a certain actor/actress narrates him/herself, making you feel like you literally hear them thinking out loud. THAT is my main inspiration for blogging online since i'm terrible with pen and paper...i mean i can write stuff down but i'm terribly slow and trust me, when i write something down, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are considered easy to learn how to read languages.
I have many thought in my head but i only have like 3 or 4 followers and YES that includes me, i know i suck, i need self support to feel good LOL.

Anyways, i feel like I've once again succeeded in what i also do in real life. Starting a conversation about a topic that seems totally BS now and to be honest i even forgot what i was talking about.

I just wanted to let my 3 readers (hihi not mocking you three just having some fun) know that i DID NOT stop blogging.
If anyone who reads this is interested in my opinion on a certain topic, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and i ALWAYS look into it, you just might not always like my opinion/answer, why did i just use a slash why the words "answer & Opinion are the least in this context.

As always i thank you very much for reading my blog, please leave a comment, share this blog with your friends and family and i will talk to all of you later (hopefully tomorrow or the day after)

Bye Bye
- Straps

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street.

In case you've missed this video, here it is once more, i'm proud to help sharing this video and i'm proud to have 1687 views already and 42 likes though it's a VERY big shame that these kinda videos need to be out there, PLS help me spread this video and wake people up, it's never to late to start fighting for your rights as a human being!!
i uploaded this video because last saturday oct 15th ther ewere word wide protests for this but i did NOT have the money to travel to such a protest, i COULDN'T just sit there and watch, i NEEDED to do something, this is the least i could do.
THANKS FOR YOUR TIME and hopefully you'll eiother help me spread this video or leave a comment or both, either way thank for your time.
If you think this is a load of bullsh*t i'm very sorry but I"M NOT MOVING!!

- Straps

WARCRAFT FAIL!! (YTO 308) 10.18.11

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Music And Memories!

Hello there my awesome blog readers!

I was taking a shower ( YES I SHOWER STFU XD ) this morning and since no one else was home i left open my apartment door to blast some awesome music which i'd be able to hear in the shower then.
To maintain the privacy of certain people i won't call band names or the names of the people BUT before i came out of the closet almost 2 years ago i still dated girls, and especially with 2 girls i got introduced to a certain band which were super awesome, the 1st band i can give, it's Cradle Of Filth.
Way back in the day i dated this girl who was totally obsessed with COF and listened to it whenever she had the chance and when her BFF came over they usually switched to The Murderdolls.
During our period of dating we had loads of fun but i had to travel about 40 Kilometers/12.4 miles from my home to hers and another 40KM/12.4 miles back, and i didn't care cause i love cycling, i love listening to music while cycling and back then i don't know if youtube even existed let alone people vlogged with a digital camera, so i didn't have to make sure my camera got wet and my MP#-player was water proof.
Anyways, she had a more f*cked up school life then me so as long as she didn't had to go to school she prefered staying inside which i kinda could understand but that did mean that she NEVER came over to my place.
One day when i came over and we had a small celebratino since we were dating for 6 months, i gave her a present and we kinda made out ( sorry if TMI ) and then she said, i'm really sorry i didn't get you a gift but i DO have to tell you something, i'm sorry to say but i think i'm a lesbian and i'd like to break up with you. Ofcourse i was heart broken and thought of the fact that i was one frozen chuck of human being and i just had amillion reasons not to stay there anymore so i also had to drive the entire way back, she said she didn't wanna break up over the phone which is pretty cool cause it's f*cking weak i think but as of that moment i didn't care anymore and i'd appreciated if she did it over the phone but oh well i've had my daily excersize (sorry for my spelling but that is the least of the problems in this story, can't remember the spelling ATM)
so i went home and at home i just listened to some music while playing my (at that time) fave PC game GTA3 and when i heard The Murderdolls i didn't like them anymore, all they did was remind me of her and some people say that that means you're not over a person but trust me in this, when it comes to music and events i have a super strong memory so still now a day i can't listen to COD or The Murderdolls unless it's a song i didn't know back then. the last girlfriend i had was into a band as well which i won't give for her privacy and i still kinda know her and some of her friends are my friends as well. Nothing at all against her trust me but i wanna avoid people knowing who it is or giving her trouble.
Anyways, she listened/listens to certain bands and same story here, i just can't listen to to bands without think about that period of my life.
Another example is Slipknot Slipknot album, during that period of time when i started listening i was in high school and seriously when i hear stories of bullied teens who committed suicide or tried committing suicide i wonder what pulled me through cause those stories were nothing compared to mine, of course everyone's story is troublesome but you get my point right?
Anyways, due to the period of time in which i listened to Slipknot i sometimes even taste the nasty summer dryness from the swamp i had to travel through to go to school every day and i got my *ss kicked multiple times ANd i even got threatened to get killed a couple of times so those memories stay with you forever when i listen to those songs/artists and such.

Now my question to you guys is.
Do you feel the same about this or do you have a complete different perspective on this?

As always, i'm very thankful for your time, please don't forget to leave a comment and also leave your suggestions on what i can improve about my blogs or maybe what you want me to write about.

Ok, see you later guys!
Bye Bye

- Straps

I totally forgot to hit the "Publish Post" so this blog is being posted 3PM (holland time) but was written at 9AM already.
Gosh i'm such an idiot sometimes, hihi!
- xoxo


donderdag 13 oktober 2011

Storung - Are You Gonna Sigh

Avenged Sevenfold break-Up

Hey guys!

so this morning i was reading some band updates and in the end i always look up news about my favorite band EVER, Avenged Sevenfold.
I've been hearing rumors that they play a lot of new tracks live, including "Not Ready To Die" which is their latest track and is kind of a special track to a call of duty game or something.

anyways, i kept reading and reading and all of a sudden i stumbled upon tour dates which ended in December so i thought YAY, new album writing maybe?
NO, they are finishing up uproar tour and then they are going on a 7 to 8 month break and vocalist Shadows even stated "If we feel like writing, we write, if we don't feel like writing, we dont"

MY GOODNESS, does this mean there is an actuall chance that Avenged Sevenfold (the greatest music creation in the history of mankind...according to me) is NOT gonna continue??

if this happens, my world will fall apart!
I mean i've seen them live once, but the ticket sale went so incredibly fast that my BFF didn't even had the chance to buy a ticket and i had to go alone.

for the second time since i've met Avenged Sevenfold i'm f*cking nervous they are gonna quit.
I'd, ofcourse, be devastated BUT i do realize that they haven given me SO MUCH JOY in the last 5 years.

November 22nd marks my 5 year die hard avenged sevenfold fan anniversary XD.

now i have a question for you!
Did you ever witness one of your favorite band/group break-ups?
if yes: who were they, why did they break up andhow did you deal with it?
if no: who is your favorite artist/band/group and since when are you a fan?

i'd LOVE to read all your comments down below!

Thank again, for reading my blog, means a lot to me since vlogging is my actual thing but i'm starting to enjoy this more and more so please don't forget to comment, share, like, follow!

i will hopefully see you in my next blog!

- Straps

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

National Coming Out Day!

Yesterday it was National Coming Out Day, a day i never even knew excisted untill my best friend send me a text saying it was.
i browsed on the internet and incidentally stumbled upon a video by youtuber Tyler Oakley, funny, i already subscribed to him, just didn't find his video in my subbox.
I checked out his video and apparently he made the video only 1 hour before i watched it which made me very happy cause he started a challenge.
He asked for everyone who was watching to make a video response telling their story and they didn't need to be LGBT at all. He just wants you to be proud of who you are and acknowledge that.

I talked about coming out a bit in my own vlog and i made a video response to Tyler, you can watch the vlog right here, there are annotations so if you can't see them, make sure to watch it on youtube itself cause there is an annotation to the video i made for Tyler!

Short blog is short i know but i just wanted to post an update!

Thank you for reading my blog, please don't forget to leave a comment and i hope to see you next time!

- Straps XoXoXo

My Own Website!

Good morning my lovely blog readers!

This morning i'm fully back to blogging, and this time i'm keeping my promise, i promose, LOL!
I thought the best way for me to interact with people around the world was going online to youtube every single day answering the comments but on twitter i have totally different followers, i'm gonna try building my own website i think.
A friend of mine (anonymous) promised me to build a site multiple times already but either he's not even online to help OR he's not responding to i think i'm gonna take matters into my own hands.
Years ago i kinda learned how to work around HTML, maybe it's worth a shot and i become good at webdesign, the cool thing about HTML is that there aren't much boundaries.
Als long as there is a code for something, you can build it, you just need to know HOW to write those codes but i guess we can look all of that up right?
So, inspired by LeanderTV on youtube (go check him out, he's an AMAZING guy and rather cute but he's already in a relationship (dang it hihi) so i won't bother him with that kinda bullsh*t.
I really just want 1 website of my own that i can easily manage and have control over, the website is gonna have apps and such for like twitter, facebook, youtube. It's gonna have a chat room, picture gallery and ofcourse a blogpost page.
It just seems so sufficient to have everything in one website, and it looks professional!

What do you think, shall i go for it? and i need a website name but i guess we an save that till the launching day wich will be in about a million years?

Before i leave you all (3 people who read this i guess :P ) underneath there are 2 videos, in case you're either interested or you missed it or both XD.

The 1st video is from last Sunday, Oct 9.
I went to Amsterdam with my BFFs Yvon, Lucy and PixelFetish to go meet 3 of our youtube idols: Philip DeFranco, Matthew and Lindsay.
It was a complete blast and i know half an hour is long but i don't wanna spoil anything, all i can say is that there are some cool surprises in the video so feel free to watch it.

This 2nd video is the day after and even though it's not such a special video compared to the 1st video, it's my 1st EVER part partnership monetized video which means there are ads on it with which i can start making money and i'm super proud of this!

if you REALLY like the videos please check them on youtube itself so you can leave a comment thumb it up, share it and maybe even click of favorite, wow, that would be awesome!

As always, i really appreciate you're time for readig and this time maybe even watching!
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- Straps

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

People Need Threats?!

Hello my awesome blog readers!

I just received an email from school, FINALLY!
i've been sending them several emails over the last couple of weeks, almost stalkerwise.
for the people not know what's going on.

In the beginning of September i submitted myself to the CIS media school in holland amsterdam.
together with about 15 (or so) others i was picked out for a "in-take" day on September 2, in which they explain stuff about the education you're about to follow and we had to do some tests.
At the end of the day we got told that we'd be called and hear if we're accepted yes or no.
They told us they were going to do the best they would to inform us that same day but since we're a "large group" they couldn't assure we'd all be called that day.
Being the person i am i expected the worst and i thought i'm gonna be the last called person and i'm gonna hear a no so i basically waited for nothing.
They needed to keep our portfolio (i've been working on that thing for months) so later that day they (the teachers) could gather and discuss our cases.
I was super bummed about it cause i ALWAYS have my portfolio with me since i might have inspiration out of nowhere and i wanna start writing.

ONLY TODAY (OCT 4) i received an email from them saying my portfolio will "soon" be send back to me and according to their administrative personal they totally called me.

the weird thing is, and this might be a coincidence BUT they didn't show ANY sign of life till now, in my last email i threatened to involve the autorities or Theft of art (dont ask me, just came up in my head) and corruption and NOW they react, well at least i finally GOT an answer but still..

ANYWAYS thats what i wanted to get of my mind, TTYL XOXO

- Straps

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I'm Clean!

Good morning dear blog readings. (3 people if i'm right hihi) I hope your day started out as cool or better then mine, i woke up to an additional 9 new subscribers on StrapsChronicles.
I really wonder where they all came from all of a sudden, right now i'm actually on 709 subs.
I never even thought i'd make it to the 500 subs within 3 years and now all of a sudden within the 1st year of daily vlogging i'm on 709 f*cking subs, i'm super great full for this.
Now let's hope my viewership, comments and thumbs up+sharing goes up so i stand an actual chance on the YouTube Partnership which i've been dreaming of ever since i started YouTube which is about 3 almost 4 years ago.

Yesterday evening i started editing my yesterdays vlog already and i uploaded it around 1AM when everyone was asleep so i didn't bother anyone, i just answered all the comments i got so far and gave those 9 addition subs a shout-out so i'm ALL CLEAN NOW.
There is NOTHING i can do anymore besides hoping on new subs, comments and just filming today's vlog, which is also kinda exiting, today i'm getting 2 visitors, 1 of them has a special twist to him/herself and i'll totally be vlogging it XD

for now i guess this is it, i started thinking how i could manage this account but i think i'm just gonna do this "Gossip Girl" / "Harriet and the Blog Wars" kinda style.
As in basically just updates and news and i talk a bit more about those subjects, obviously i'm open to ALL suggestions to what i should talk about.

SOMEONE has to explain to me how this "labeling" works, is it the same as tags on YouTube? if so i'll just copy them so then at least i'll have some labels hihi.

Ok, i'm off, let's go clean the rat cage and the rest of my room, it's 11:33 AM now and my visitors will be here around 2 so i'll have more then enough time to clean everything here while i'm gonna catch up on a sh*tload of YouTube videos

BTW, if you read this, i need a cool catch phrase to end my blogs, any ideas?

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- Straps

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Blogging Fail

So much for promising to start writing EVERY day last week right?

Hi guys, thanks once again for reading my blog, i'm REALLY sorry that i didn't di anything anymore since my last blog "Gay Issues" but the problem is simple.
I chose ths SUPEr fabulous webpage lay-out but it didn't allow me to go back to my settings anymore so i simple couldn't start writing a new blog!

Right now i'm all back and i'm all up-to-date with my vlogs on YouTube so if i keep it like this i can totally start blogging EVERY single day. i'm gonna try my best to at least post 1 blog a day and hopefully possibly maybe ill do more ^^

For now i'm afraid this is it, it's 12:40 AM and i wanna be up early tomorrow so i can start uploading my latest (monday oct 3) vlog. i finished editing that vlog 9:30 already.

Wel i wish you all a great morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Wherever you are in the world!

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Thanks for reading!
- Straps