woensdag 12 oktober 2011

National Coming Out Day!

Yesterday it was National Coming Out Day, a day i never even knew excisted untill my best friend send me a text saying it was.
i browsed on the internet and incidentally stumbled upon a video by youtuber Tyler Oakley, funny, i already subscribed to him, just didn't find his video in my subbox.
I checked out his video and apparently he made the video only 1 hour before i watched it which made me very happy cause he started a challenge.
He asked for everyone who was watching to make a video response telling their story and they didn't need to be LGBT at all. He just wants you to be proud of who you are and acknowledge that.

I talked about coming out a bit in my own vlog and i made a video response to Tyler, you can watch the vlog right here, there are annotations so if you can't see them, make sure to watch it on youtube itself cause there is an annotation to the video i made for Tyler!

Short blog is short i know but i just wanted to post an update!

Thank you for reading my blog, please don't forget to leave a comment and i hope to see you next time!

- Straps XoXoXo

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