donderdag 29 september 2011

Gay Issues

What i really don't seem to get about the entire "gay" thing is that it's a thing which is ridiculous.
People are lawyers, police men, security guards, film directors, whatever. That does NOT divine who you are, you are still you.
Muslims are blamed world wide for anti christian actions, NOT every Muslim is bad and the ones who are really BAD are NOT by definition bad cause they are Muslims but they are bad cause they might be criminals or whatever.
It's so interesting to see that 1 bad Muslim portraits the ENTIRE friggen Islamic society WHILE a bad christian only seems to portray himself.
That all being said as an example, why are gay people divined by their sexuality? i'm gay, but i'm NOT that gay guy, i'm Straps, a daily vlogger from The Netherlands who just happens to BE gay.
just like Social Security Numbers, i'm NOT a friggen number, i'm a f*cking person, an existing living being like all others still breathing.
Also, WHY would you "curse" and ban people who are gay, even f*cking vote against their marriage, we're not even allowed to marry ANYWHERE in the world, just some parts.
i started watching some people who are married and i must apologies to all hetero sexual christians w2ho are married and who ARE against gay rights and gay couple who wanna get married, i totally understand your concerns now. i've seen how damaged you are EVERY day, it's like Harry Potter destroying hoaxrucses (pardon my spellign if that word was spelled wrong) and Voldemort get's a little bit weaker and eventually is mortal again for the final battle with Harry.
Everytime a gay couple get's married you should pay attention to ALL married christian
couples, they are in the BIGGEST pain ever.
SARCASM MUCH!?!?! how the f*ck does is affect others if a gay couple get's married?!?! i really picture this conversation with a friend of mine and sorry if it's TMI.

Friend: Hey dude, seriously, next time you masturbate can you either do it before 11 PM or after 8 AM, it gave me such a headache, you're the only 1 in my gaydar range so luckely i only pick up your vibes
Me: sorry dude, i didn't do anything!
(day later)
Friend: Holy crap dude, last night i had the biggest migraine, it was so intense at one point that i blacked out due to the pain.
Me: oh wow, yeah sorry, Yesterday me and my boyfriend made love for the 1st time.

See how ridiculous this is? i don't understand people saying they are negativily affected by gay people, you won't even recognise ALL of them so how can you be affected by it.

Last thing before i stop this depression blog.
"DADT" for the people unfamiliar with this term Don't Ask Don't Tell is a policy in which LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual transgender ) keep their sexuality to themself (aka in the closet kinda)
and no one asks about it.
In several businesses you get fired if they find out you're LGBT but my biggest concern is what i heard a couple of months ago on the radio.
some kinda high ranked officer in the army got a medal of honor for figuring out a colleague was gay. the gay dude got a diss honorable diss charge. how did that a**hole figure out he's gay? he asked it. WAIT WHAT?!?! wasn't the policy dont ASK dont TELL? what happened to the don't ask part??

anyways this is all i'm gonna bother you with right now.

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- Straps

woensdag 28 september 2011

Caught up!!

Hello guys, sorry that i'm leaving you hanging just like this but i'm only writing in my real journal.
I am totally going to rewrite them all on my computer and post them here cause that kinda what i REALLY bought the journal for, to not forget anything crucual, but since i'm almost a week behind on daily vlogs, it's not even on my mind to start the blogs again but i promise they will be here ASAP!
Last saturday i celebrated my 24th birthday which resulted in a lot of footage but my editing software does NOT allow my footage to just BE there, oh no, it's Straps his footage and everything connected to Straps much be dramatized and difficult, so basically i have to convert every single clip that i shoot.
Not really a problem, it's just that every 10 seconds worth of footage takes about 30 seconds of converting...get my point?

Anyways, my biggest apologies for being gone so long BUT i haz returned and will do my super best to post at least ONE blog a day and if i have somethnig interesting to talk about i'll just do another one.

Thanks for reading, please don't forget to leave a comment and follow me if you like and i'll see you next time!
- Straps

zaterdag 10 september 2011

Things And Stuff And Words

I've been absent for a day or 2 but things happened and i'm writing in my diary full-time now so i just have to re-write it and post it online and i obviously also vlogged.
i just wanted to give you all a quick upload cause believe it or not, i'm actually very busy hihi!

Thx for reading and don't forget to leave a comment

- Straps

woensdag 7 september 2011

Fashion Obsession!

I was at the grocery store about 30 minutes ago and i had a break through, a major breakthrough actually!
i was standing in line and usually people only wait behind me in line if they REALLY need to be out of there A.S.A.P.
If they can spare an extra moment, people usually avoid me cause i apparently scare them with my looks.
I'm not your average 23 year old gay guy buying my beer and wine but COME ON already, i'm not some freak who casts spells on you if you touch me, you don't turn into stone if you accidentally look me in the eyes ( LOL fact, a kid, this was way back in the day, walk up to me and asked me if i was related to Medusa and had to wear sunglasses all the time to not instantly turn people into stone) but for some reason people like to avoid me.
Tonight was different, a fabulous looking redhead was walking up to me and waited in line behind me, i couldn't believe my eyes!
1. I'm obsessed with fashion
2. I'm with red ( natural ) hair and freckles
So this was pretty much a win win situation, those are the moments you are mad at the store cause you're not aloud to film inside so you can't record her just for the epic memory.
All and all it was a good trip and it almost seemed as if they saved all the fashionable costumers for me to check out but i'm the worst person to explain details so i won't even start trying cause that will be a fail.

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- Straps

dinsdag 6 september 2011

Pray The Gay Away!


I can't believe my ears, there seriously is something called Pray The Gay Away!
WHY, WHY, WHY do people have SUCH a big problem with people who are gay?
i'm so disgusted with people hating gays cause its a shame to god.
1. Not everyone is religious
2. you say gay is a choice. You really think so many people would choice the most difficult life possible out of free will?
3. Religion is a feeling, NO ONE has prove that god exists
4. what (pardon my language) FUCKING business is it of yours that i rather marry a man and make love to him then to a woman?

You're disgusted about the thought of me having sex with a man, that means you think of me and my boyfriend/husband which is funny.

There are SO MANY feelings surfacing to me when it comes down to this subject.
Fortunately for me i have very loving friends who all accept me and don't give a fuck about my sexuality, hell, it's even better cause sometimes girls ask me for fashion tips, watch chick flicks, go have a glass of wine or go shopping and cheking on boys...Sounds like paradise to me.

I don't spend hours a day think of how much vomit i'd produce watching hetero sex, for the record i'm NOT disgusted by that at all cause it's two people making love to each other which is a beautiful happening, but what freaking business is it of yours to come control our lifes?
so i marry a guy, how many days in your life do i bring you personal pain and noxiousness?
you think you're a homophobe cause my private parts goes into someones private part other then the female private part? i'm enjoying the fact that you spend so much time troubling yourself over something you shouldn't give a fucking shit about!

btw, it's not a "lifestyle" cause you choose your own lifestyle.
i'm proud of the person i am and i'm proud to be gay and be openly gay but i NEVER chose this.

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- Straps

I Can't Believe This!

It hasn't even been 2 hours since my last blog but i HAD to blog about this.
what is u with Americans and their fascination with Dutch stuff: Amsterdam most known for it's prostitution (not proud about that at all since there are still prostitutes over there are forces, a breeding ground for STD's, probably abused and i don't even wanna know their paychecks) next to that we're famous for our weed (yay for getting stoned?!?! no not really) and our windmills.
When i heard that, i totally lost it. I'm almost 24 now (Sept 25th) and ONLY last friday have i seen my first ever real life windmill.

Of course there are the kinda mills that are used to create electricity and THOSE i LOVE since in The Netherlands there is mostly bad weather (not complaining, just saying) so we have a lot of wind so weather wise we can produce a lot of natural energy but next to that The Netherlands is nothing special.

The story about the fascination of Holland ( 2nd name of The Netherlands...don't ask why cause i don't know) did give me an idea for a new topic on YouTube. The Dutch Sentence Of The Week
in which i'll put a Dutch sentence in the description and people post video responses trying to pronounce it and i'll feature those and then you'll (as a viewer) will be able to pick the winner. To me this sounds like something pretty original so why not try it right?

Thanks a lot for reading, please feel free to leave me a comment and if you wanna see more of me, you can go to which is my daily vlog channel

- Straps

It's Been a While!

Good afternoon bloggers, this morning i thought i'd take the courage to make a channel and only now i find out that i already have one.
I haven't posted ANYTHING at all since like March 1st so this is my new attempt.
Since i'm all into YouTube and never really know how to explain my feelings in writing i think i'm just gonna start and see what happens.

So, Yvon (my BFF, soul-mate and foster mom) and i went to Action which is a store in The Netherlands, maybe it's in other countries as well but not as far as i know.
Action is comparable to the 1 dollar store i think, everything is super cheap there andthey opened up a new facility that's like REALLY close to our home so we thought we could go and check it out.

I bought 2 purple journals, only 75 cents each, in one of them i'm gonna write down things i wanna blog when i'm not behind a computer and in the 2nd journal i wanna hand write my new story.
When i was on the train last Friday from my school intake interview to my parents place to visit, i all of a sudden got a great inspiration for a story and as quickly as ai could i grabbed pen and paper, little did i know it was my last piece on (lined) paper, i can't write on paper without lines.
today i finally finished the piece of paper and couldn't write a word on it anymore so i thought i'd go buy a journal to write it in, which gave me a great idea.
I NEVER think thought an entire story before writing, i think of a beginning and i think of an end (not always though like right now) and i just start writing and make things up and see where it ends.
Now that i'm going to be writing it all down with a real pen, it's gonna be one heck of a challenge to NOT make to many typo's but that's EXACTLY why i wanna do this, improvisation in real life.
Every typo i make while writing this blog (hope it's interesting enough though, no experience here) i can erase with the backspace key and re-type the word. In a real journal, when you f*ck up you're simply f*cked so i'm REALLY REALLY exited for this new experience.

I hope that who ever reads these blogs leaves a comment, i don't care what you type in it. It could be a reply to what i wrote here or just a question but if you completed this blog i congratulate you, you're officially in my head now and this is exactly how i talk to my self in my head, only afterwards i forget about it and while i write this i start thinking of other stuff so i have no idea how the future is gonna be, i mean blogging wise.

If my dad reads this, take care of mom dude, you're EPIC and i know you can handle it, i'm very happy you told me the news even though the news wasn't good at all.

As of this moment it's 3:55 P.M. and i'm gonna stop blogging, updating my story so that everything that i had written down on the small piece of paper that i had in my bag that day, can safely be thrown away and then i'm going to enjoy some nice YouTube and tonight is all for WoW (World of Warcraft).

Like i said, i don't know what i'll be blogging about or how often, i just know that i just realized that this feels like a great outlet and on twitter you only have 120 hits if i'm not mistaken.

Thanks for reading and see you next time
- Straps

It's a wonder if you found me without knowing me through Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook or DailyBooth so come check me out if you feel like it. I feel like writing is my weakest point of all things i like