dinsdag 6 september 2011

Pray The Gay Away!


I can't believe my ears, there seriously is something called Pray The Gay Away!
WHY, WHY, WHY do people have SUCH a big problem with people who are gay?
i'm so disgusted with people hating gays cause its a shame to god.
1. Not everyone is religious
2. you say gay is a choice. You really think so many people would choice the most difficult life possible out of free will?
3. Religion is a feeling, NO ONE has prove that god exists
4. what (pardon my language) FUCKING business is it of yours that i rather marry a man and make love to him then to a woman?

You're disgusted about the thought of me having sex with a man, that means you think of me and my boyfriend/husband which is funny.

There are SO MANY feelings surfacing to me when it comes down to this subject.
Fortunately for me i have very loving friends who all accept me and don't give a fuck about my sexuality, hell, it's even better cause sometimes girls ask me for fashion tips, watch chick flicks, go have a glass of wine or go shopping and cheking on boys...Sounds like paradise to me.

I don't spend hours a day think of how much vomit i'd produce watching hetero sex, for the record i'm NOT disgusted by that at all cause it's two people making love to each other which is a beautiful happening, but what freaking business is it of yours to come control our lifes?
so i marry a guy, how many days in your life do i bring you personal pain and noxiousness?
you think you're a homophobe cause my private parts goes into someones private part other then the female private part? i'm enjoying the fact that you spend so much time troubling yourself over something you shouldn't give a fucking shit about!

btw, it's not a "lifestyle" cause you choose your own lifestyle.
i'm proud of the person i am and i'm proud to be gay and be openly gay but i NEVER chose this.

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- Straps

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I think people should learn to see each other as a human being first before judging. It's the same with ethnics. Most people see "the black guy" or "the arab guy" before they really see the human being they are dealing with. That brings prejudice and that's never good. I am heterosexual and there are some other heterosexuals that I do like and some that I don't like because of how they are. And I know a number of homosexuals of wich I like some and dislike some. But not because they are home/heterosexual. No because of the human being they are. The world would be so much lovelier when people start seeing each other as human beings instead of labeling each other.

  2. I have seen the video 'cause you posted it to Twitter.

    If I would have a gay son or a lesbian daughter in the future, I wouldn't mind. As long as they won't commit any form of crime and hurt other people.

    I don't care if I have straight or gay friends. As long as they have awesome personalities, I'm fine with it.

    I don't like the idea of using the Bible to hate on people, just like what Westboro Baptist Cult does. I belong to a religion, and my view on religion is: It should be a guide to a good life, not a guide to hate on anyone.