woensdag 3 oktober 2012

DEATH THREATS!! (10.02.12 - Day 656)

vrijdag 25 mei 2012

INTENSE HEAD MASSAGE!! (05.23.12 - Day 529)

My 1st introduction day at Salon B! Next thursday is the 2nd and then i know if i got the full internship!!

donderdag 5 april 2012

R.I.P. MALACHI!! (04.04.12 - Day 479)

woensdag 7 maart 2012

Kony 2012

Please watch and share!! It's VERY important that you help bring Kony down!!
This monster needs to be stopped and brought to justice!!
In a humane way, i still stand for that..i will stop sharing the word as soon as i find out that the death penalty is involved cause i don't believe in that since i believe in human rights and the death penalty has NOTHING to do with human rights!

Please feel free to leave me your comment about this film!
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CTFxC POWER!! (03.06.12 - Day 450)

woensdag 29 februari 2012

World of Warcraft scam!

Hello there dear blog readers!

I wanna start of by thanking Gel. E and Edwin ( you know who you are but i don't know your blog names) for actually commenting on my latest blog, seriously means the world to me!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way
NO JK, i seriously love interaction with my readers and viewers ( on my vlogs that is )

but on a serious note:

Today i started to play World of warcraft again and i just played around with different kinda races ( Humans, Orcs, Taurens, Gnomes etc ) and different kinda classes ( Warlock, Mage, Warrior, Rogue etc ) and what keeps coming back is "professions".

In WoW, like in (probably) the most MMORPG's ( Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game ) you eventually, around leven 5 to 10, you can start choosing your professions which can be: Cooking, first aid, fishing, mining etc.

I started fishing, simply cause i like it for some reason ( Don't ask why cause i seriously don't know ) but my goodness those professions take a heck of a lot of time to master.
It's obviously difficult for me personally to keep my focus on 1 thing for about 15 to 20 min straight cause i have ADHD and i'm gay...get it, can't get my focus STRAI....ah nevermind.
When you think if it as a time consuming factor i personally actually think it's a way of (WoW creators) blizzard to keep you busy and distracted FROM the game.
YES i said FROM the game cause doing quests and traveling the world of WoW is absolutely amazing BUT practiced/training your professions is a pain in the ass which makes you wanna go do something else as a " switch in reality" which is easy to say since you can log into WoW any time a day, 7 days a week. It seriously doesn't matter.

The game costs you 13.99 euro's (no idea how much dollars but i guess about 15 to 17) so if you think of it as a wise investment, you actually get a discount if you play more cause you already paid for it ( its prepaid months ) so you make the best off of it.
If you play every now and then you paid way more (if youcalculate how much you spend and how much you played) an you do the same things no matter your class or race.

I seriously think those professions are a scam to keep you distracted from a game and make you wanna do more exciting things in life which make you forget about the game WHILE you actually ALREADY paid.

I DO wanna make sure that this article isn't posted to diss, burn down or ridicule WoW cause that would make me a real life big time f***ing hypocrite cause to be honest i'm a very big time fan/player.
I just like to point out something i think is VERY miss leading/wrong in the game and i wonder what the real reason behind this part of the game is if it's not everything ( which i actually honestly is ) i just pointed out.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, if you liked it please leave a comment and share this blog with everyone you know.
Bye <3

- straps

zondag 19 februari 2012

EPIC PARKING SKILLS!! (02.19.12 - Day 435)

For once i feel that this is no boring Sunday, i hope you think the same when you see this vlog

Royal Blood

Hello dear readers!

I have to get something of my mind, i don't have any idea if this concerns you but i just need to blog about this.
This has been on my mind since the day i saw it on the news last Friday ( if i'm correct)

Our queen ( Beatrix ) is the queen of Holland and has a couple of sons which include "prince Friezo" (spelling?) he was on winter holidays with the rest of the royal bloods and he was skying of course but within the borders.
He got in the line of fire when a great amount of snow fell off of the mountaintop they were cruising on.
Within 15 minutes rescue services got him out of the snow and flew him to a hospital through helicopter and for his own safety is being kept in a coma.

It is of course a tragic incident and not a single living being should suffer such an incident but it's all over the news and it's (till this moment, Sunday evening February 19th 10 minutes before 11) dominating all the dutch (since it happened in Germany it might be on the news there also) news broadcasting services. There is nothing wrong with broadcasting such a terrible event BUT the fact that he's "royal blood" it's supposed to be way more important.
If it were the queen i could've at least udnerstand it a bit more, it would still be fucking rediculous but at least more understandable.
If this were to happen to you or me, we'd a 5 min notice "A tragic accident happened in the mountains of germany involving (fill in your nationality) skying tourists, they got pulled out of the snow and are in the hospital. they are stable but not out of danger" trust me that's all you'd get...maybe a picture but that's it.

This fucker get's a 3 day media coverage of at least 30 min per broadcast. The most fucked up (pardon my french) thing is that he's not actually "royal blood" anymore. He married a woman which i have no clue how to pronounce the name of and apparently before marrying the "prince" she was in a relationship with a high risk/top level criminal in Holland so he literally had to choose...chance for the throne or marriage cause if he'd marry someone involved or close to a crime he'd loose all his "royalness" so he's not even in the royal picture anymore.

I just wanted to get this of my chest cause i think it's fucking rediculous, like i said before, it's a tragic event and i won't even wish death upon my biggest arch enemy so i hope he'll get back on track and not die but COME ON...the media coverage and all is completely re-fucking-diculous!

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts on this specific subject, please don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts or ideas for possible new blogs and i hope to see you all soon.

- Straps

UNPLUG MY GIRLFRIEND!! (02.18.12 - Day 434)

Future Blogging

Hello everyone,

Today i just drop by and say hello since i promised to try to keep on blogging and today (sunday) is just a catching up day and tomorrow more epicness is gonna happen.
I'm still very new on this blogging thing and i love writing and loving writing what i think it's like in the movies when you hear a voice over when someone is not moving their lips and you just know it's what they think. Well thats exactly what blogging is for me and since i can type which goes very fast, i can pretty much keep up to the speed of my thinking brain...YES i can think...Anyways, i just saw that i have 4 followers so i just wanted to thank them very much for following me and i hope many more will soon follow you...ok that sounds funny hihi.
As of this moment it's 10 minutes before 5PM and i'm simply watching a movie while waiting for my upload to be completed.
If you keep up with my vlogs you're in for a surprise, yes , i changed my room again but not to a new state but a previous state since that worked best for me and now i can actually handle my pc again without being acrobatic (which, in the beginning i thought was smart and handy but nope) so now i can actually use my pc again as a pc and not a television.

Since i still don't get comments on my blogs i start thinking if that's the entire idea behind blogging, to just shout things to the world and not get a single reply. If this is the case, my gosh i'm a great blogger.
I just still need to find more epic subject to write about. I'm thinking of a notebook with short slogans sio that when something happens that makes me think, i'll just write down the subject name and whenever i'm behind my pc again ill just release all my thoughts onto the blogger. If everything works out fine, either today or tomorrow you cn expect a blog on a rediculous subject involving our (netherlands) royal fucking family. why do i say fucking? simply because i despise royal blood, specially when treated like they're super humans and worth more then us. Also i'm thinking to write a blog about a quote that i heard on the movie "V For Vendetta" brilliant movie if you ask me and this one quote just ignited an explosion of thoughts in my head, i'll give you a teaser, this is the quote " The people should not fear their government, the government should fear their people" an amazing quote.

Anyways, that's it for this vlog, you can alsways comment if you'd like. Giving me a subject to talk about or whatever.
Also please don't forget to like, share and follow and i'll see you all next time

- Straps

donderdag 16 februari 2012

BITCH SLAP IN THE FACE!! (02.15.12 - Day 431)

Blogging VS Vlogging

Hello my dear blog readers,

I start realizing that i suck at this way more then i wished i did but yet again i'm trying to blog.
I'm afraid that i keep forgetting to blog due to no comments, compared to my daily vlogs on YouTube which do receive multiple comments.
I really like blogging but i don't really know subjects, compared to vlogging that is.
I'm a daily vlogger, for the people who are unfamiliar with this term, i bring my camera EVERYWHERE i go and just like a journal for bloggers. The big difference is, a blogger writes down notes and later on creates 1 big blog out of all the small notes and a vlogger just grabs a camera, holds it in front of his/her own face and starts talking and later on at home edits everything into 1 giant video and uploads it onto YouTube.

I'm more a visual kinda person though i don't mind reading, as long as i find it interesting enough and i feel like i can expand my intelligence in some way. I have a hard time describing things in words and i tend to take the biggest de-tour you've ever seen and then come back to the point and you realized that you just read 45 min worth of bullshit while i could've explained it all in about 5 sentences or something close to that. Also i don't see very much difference in blogging then vlogging. I like doing both but if i vlog it all, why would you wanna read it all when you can just see it all.

Anyways i'm gonna try to blog more since some people like reading better then videos but i can't promise anything and like i said before, blogging needs a subject, vlogging is just a big compilation of what happened that day and i don't feel like writing about it all since i already vlogged it all.

PLEASE give me some subjects to talk about, i don't care about the subjects at all cause an opinion is an opinion though i hope in the future we'll have advanced conversations about life and the world and not just " what's your opinion on religion" or something like that. Not that i mind answering that question and go into the smallest details but it get's boring after a while.

Anyways, i hope you've liked this blog and if so PLEASE don't forget to like, share, comment and i'll talk to you all next time.

- Straps

maandag 13 februari 2012

WORLD SERIES BEER!?!? (02.11.12 - Day 427)

Rather cool vlog if i might say so myself, as the thumbnail shows i met a real life redhead, if you know me you know i'm obsessed with natural redheads and in the end of the vlog i think i'm rather drunk but hey, it's a party so it's kinda an obligation isn't it?? next to that, it wouldve been bad if i forgot to vlog but i kept going XD

PLEASE if you like this vlog, share it with all your friends and family