donderdag 16 februari 2012

Blogging VS Vlogging

Hello my dear blog readers,

I start realizing that i suck at this way more then i wished i did but yet again i'm trying to blog.
I'm afraid that i keep forgetting to blog due to no comments, compared to my daily vlogs on YouTube which do receive multiple comments.
I really like blogging but i don't really know subjects, compared to vlogging that is.
I'm a daily vlogger, for the people who are unfamiliar with this term, i bring my camera EVERYWHERE i go and just like a journal for bloggers. The big difference is, a blogger writes down notes and later on creates 1 big blog out of all the small notes and a vlogger just grabs a camera, holds it in front of his/her own face and starts talking and later on at home edits everything into 1 giant video and uploads it onto YouTube.

I'm more a visual kinda person though i don't mind reading, as long as i find it interesting enough and i feel like i can expand my intelligence in some way. I have a hard time describing things in words and i tend to take the biggest de-tour you've ever seen and then come back to the point and you realized that you just read 45 min worth of bullshit while i could've explained it all in about 5 sentences or something close to that. Also i don't see very much difference in blogging then vlogging. I like doing both but if i vlog it all, why would you wanna read it all when you can just see it all.

Anyways i'm gonna try to blog more since some people like reading better then videos but i can't promise anything and like i said before, blogging needs a subject, vlogging is just a big compilation of what happened that day and i don't feel like writing about it all since i already vlogged it all.

PLEASE give me some subjects to talk about, i don't care about the subjects at all cause an opinion is an opinion though i hope in the future we'll have advanced conversations about life and the world and not just " what's your opinion on religion" or something like that. Not that i mind answering that question and go into the smallest details but it get's boring after a while.

Anyways, i hope you've liked this blog and if so PLEASE don't forget to like, share, comment and i'll talk to you all next time.

- Straps

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