zondag 19 februari 2012

Royal Blood

Hello dear readers!

I have to get something of my mind, i don't have any idea if this concerns you but i just need to blog about this.
This has been on my mind since the day i saw it on the news last Friday ( if i'm correct)

Our queen ( Beatrix ) is the queen of Holland and has a couple of sons which include "prince Friezo" (spelling?) he was on winter holidays with the rest of the royal bloods and he was skying of course but within the borders.
He got in the line of fire when a great amount of snow fell off of the mountaintop they were cruising on.
Within 15 minutes rescue services got him out of the snow and flew him to a hospital through helicopter and for his own safety is being kept in a coma.

It is of course a tragic incident and not a single living being should suffer such an incident but it's all over the news and it's (till this moment, Sunday evening February 19th 10 minutes before 11) dominating all the dutch (since it happened in Germany it might be on the news there also) news broadcasting services. There is nothing wrong with broadcasting such a terrible event BUT the fact that he's "royal blood" it's supposed to be way more important.
If it were the queen i could've at least udnerstand it a bit more, it would still be fucking rediculous but at least more understandable.
If this were to happen to you or me, we'd a 5 min notice "A tragic accident happened in the mountains of germany involving (fill in your nationality) skying tourists, they got pulled out of the snow and are in the hospital. they are stable but not out of danger" trust me that's all you'd get...maybe a picture but that's it.

This fucker get's a 3 day media coverage of at least 30 min per broadcast. The most fucked up (pardon my french) thing is that he's not actually "royal blood" anymore. He married a woman which i have no clue how to pronounce the name of and apparently before marrying the "prince" she was in a relationship with a high risk/top level criminal in Holland so he literally had to choose...chance for the throne or marriage cause if he'd marry someone involved or close to a crime he'd loose all his "royalness" so he's not even in the royal picture anymore.

I just wanted to get this of my chest cause i think it's fucking rediculous, like i said before, it's a tragic event and i won't even wish death upon my biggest arch enemy so i hope he'll get back on track and not die but COME ON...the media coverage and all is completely re-fucking-diculous!

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts on this specific subject, please don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts or ideas for possible new blogs and i hope to see you all soon.

- Straps

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