zondag 19 februari 2012

Future Blogging

Hello everyone,

Today i just drop by and say hello since i promised to try to keep on blogging and today (sunday) is just a catching up day and tomorrow more epicness is gonna happen.
I'm still very new on this blogging thing and i love writing and loving writing what i think it's like in the movies when you hear a voice over when someone is not moving their lips and you just know it's what they think. Well thats exactly what blogging is for me and since i can type which goes very fast, i can pretty much keep up to the speed of my thinking brain...YES i can think...Anyways, i just saw that i have 4 followers so i just wanted to thank them very much for following me and i hope many more will soon follow you...ok that sounds funny hihi.
As of this moment it's 10 minutes before 5PM and i'm simply watching a movie while waiting for my upload to be completed.
If you keep up with my vlogs you're in for a surprise, yes , i changed my room again but not to a new state but a previous state since that worked best for me and now i can actually handle my pc again without being acrobatic (which, in the beginning i thought was smart and handy but nope) so now i can actually use my pc again as a pc and not a television.

Since i still don't get comments on my blogs i start thinking if that's the entire idea behind blogging, to just shout things to the world and not get a single reply. If this is the case, my gosh i'm a great blogger.
I just still need to find more epic subject to write about. I'm thinking of a notebook with short slogans sio that when something happens that makes me think, i'll just write down the subject name and whenever i'm behind my pc again ill just release all my thoughts onto the blogger. If everything works out fine, either today or tomorrow you cn expect a blog on a rediculous subject involving our (netherlands) royal fucking family. why do i say fucking? simply because i despise royal blood, specially when treated like they're super humans and worth more then us. Also i'm thinking to write a blog about a quote that i heard on the movie "V For Vendetta" brilliant movie if you ask me and this one quote just ignited an explosion of thoughts in my head, i'll give you a teaser, this is the quote " The people should not fear their government, the government should fear their people" an amazing quote.

Anyways, that's it for this vlog, you can alsways comment if you'd like. Giving me a subject to talk about or whatever.
Also please don't forget to like, share and follow and i'll see you all next time

- Straps

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