woensdag 7 september 2011

Fashion Obsession!

I was at the grocery store about 30 minutes ago and i had a break through, a major breakthrough actually!
i was standing in line and usually people only wait behind me in line if they REALLY need to be out of there A.S.A.P.
If they can spare an extra moment, people usually avoid me cause i apparently scare them with my looks.
I'm not your average 23 year old gay guy buying my beer and wine but COME ON already, i'm not some freak who casts spells on you if you touch me, you don't turn into stone if you accidentally look me in the eyes ( LOL fact, a kid, this was way back in the day, walk up to me and asked me if i was related to Medusa and had to wear sunglasses all the time to not instantly turn people into stone) but for some reason people like to avoid me.
Tonight was different, a fabulous looking redhead was walking up to me and waited in line behind me, i couldn't believe my eyes!
1. I'm obsessed with fashion
2. I'm with red ( natural ) hair and freckles
So this was pretty much a win win situation, those are the moments you are mad at the store cause you're not aloud to film inside so you can't record her just for the epic memory.
All and all it was a good trip and it almost seemed as if they saved all the fashionable costumers for me to check out but i'm the worst person to explain details so i won't even start trying cause that will be a fail.

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- Straps

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