dinsdag 6 september 2011

I Can't Believe This!

It hasn't even been 2 hours since my last blog but i HAD to blog about this.
what is u with Americans and their fascination with Dutch stuff: Amsterdam most known for it's prostitution (not proud about that at all since there are still prostitutes over there are forces, a breeding ground for STD's, probably abused and i don't even wanna know their paychecks) next to that we're famous for our weed (yay for getting stoned?!?! no not really) and our windmills.
When i heard that, i totally lost it. I'm almost 24 now (Sept 25th) and ONLY last friday have i seen my first ever real life windmill.

Of course there are the kinda mills that are used to create electricity and THOSE i LOVE since in The Netherlands there is mostly bad weather (not complaining, just saying) so we have a lot of wind so weather wise we can produce a lot of natural energy but next to that The Netherlands is nothing special.

The story about the fascination of Holland ( 2nd name of The Netherlands...don't ask why cause i don't know) did give me an idea for a new topic on YouTube. The Dutch Sentence Of The Week
in which i'll put a Dutch sentence in the description and people post video responses trying to pronounce it and i'll feature those and then you'll (as a viewer) will be able to pick the winner. To me this sounds like something pretty original so why not try it right?

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- Straps

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Can I enter the contest of Sentence of the Week too?:P
    About The Netherlands being also called Holland is actually not right. Because Holland is the name of a province. There is North and South Holland. Calling the entire Netherlands Holland has something to do with the very early days when is was called something like Holtland. But I don't know the entire story about that.

  2. Dutch sentence of the week sounds interesting. I'll try to participate. Cool idea. :D