donderdag 29 september 2011

Gay Issues

What i really don't seem to get about the entire "gay" thing is that it's a thing which is ridiculous.
People are lawyers, police men, security guards, film directors, whatever. That does NOT divine who you are, you are still you.
Muslims are blamed world wide for anti christian actions, NOT every Muslim is bad and the ones who are really BAD are NOT by definition bad cause they are Muslims but they are bad cause they might be criminals or whatever.
It's so interesting to see that 1 bad Muslim portraits the ENTIRE friggen Islamic society WHILE a bad christian only seems to portray himself.
That all being said as an example, why are gay people divined by their sexuality? i'm gay, but i'm NOT that gay guy, i'm Straps, a daily vlogger from The Netherlands who just happens to BE gay.
just like Social Security Numbers, i'm NOT a friggen number, i'm a f*cking person, an existing living being like all others still breathing.
Also, WHY would you "curse" and ban people who are gay, even f*cking vote against their marriage, we're not even allowed to marry ANYWHERE in the world, just some parts.
i started watching some people who are married and i must apologies to all hetero sexual christians w2ho are married and who ARE against gay rights and gay couple who wanna get married, i totally understand your concerns now. i've seen how damaged you are EVERY day, it's like Harry Potter destroying hoaxrucses (pardon my spellign if that word was spelled wrong) and Voldemort get's a little bit weaker and eventually is mortal again for the final battle with Harry.
Everytime a gay couple get's married you should pay attention to ALL married christian
couples, they are in the BIGGEST pain ever.
SARCASM MUCH!?!?! how the f*ck does is affect others if a gay couple get's married?!?! i really picture this conversation with a friend of mine and sorry if it's TMI.

Friend: Hey dude, seriously, next time you masturbate can you either do it before 11 PM or after 8 AM, it gave me such a headache, you're the only 1 in my gaydar range so luckely i only pick up your vibes
Me: sorry dude, i didn't do anything!
(day later)
Friend: Holy crap dude, last night i had the biggest migraine, it was so intense at one point that i blacked out due to the pain.
Me: oh wow, yeah sorry, Yesterday me and my boyfriend made love for the 1st time.

See how ridiculous this is? i don't understand people saying they are negativily affected by gay people, you won't even recognise ALL of them so how can you be affected by it.

Last thing before i stop this depression blog.
"DADT" for the people unfamiliar with this term Don't Ask Don't Tell is a policy in which LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual transgender ) keep their sexuality to themself (aka in the closet kinda)
and no one asks about it.
In several businesses you get fired if they find out you're LGBT but my biggest concern is what i heard a couple of months ago on the radio.
some kinda high ranked officer in the army got a medal of honor for figuring out a colleague was gay. the gay dude got a diss honorable diss charge. how did that a**hole figure out he's gay? he asked it. WAIT WHAT?!?! wasn't the policy dont ASK dont TELL? what happened to the don't ask part??

anyways this is all i'm gonna bother you with right now.

Thanks so much for reading, please leave a comment with your thoughts on this subject or just ask me random stuff and i might blog about that next time
- Straps

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  1. Hi! First of all, nice blog layout.
    Religion doesn't have anything to do with a person's character. Muslims are being portrayed by media as bad people but in my opinion and based on my experience, I had a Muslim classmate in High School, and in college, I had a Muslim co-member in a music and theater group. They're kind and friendly and meeting these people have changed my perception on Muslims in our country because there are Muslim terrorists in the Philippines and they try to separate the regions of Mindanao from the map of the Philippines. They rebel against the rest of the country that is a Christian country. I hate it when people hate because of beliefs. As for the gay issues, all I can say is hetero people should develop a tolerable mindset, an open mind. You did a good job in writing here, the logic is there, the thought is sincere. I don't mind the spelling since I understand that you're not really into writing. See you! :)