dinsdag 6 september 2011

It's Been a While!

Good afternoon bloggers, this morning i thought i'd take the courage to make a blogger.com channel and only now i find out that i already have one.
I haven't posted ANYTHING at all since like March 1st so this is my new attempt.
Since i'm all into YouTube and never really know how to explain my feelings in writing i think i'm just gonna start and see what happens.

So, Yvon (my BFF, soul-mate and foster mom) and i went to Action which is a store in The Netherlands, maybe it's in other countries as well but not as far as i know.
Action is comparable to the 1 dollar store i think, everything is super cheap there andthey opened up a new facility that's like REALLY close to our home so we thought we could go and check it out.

I bought 2 purple journals, only 75 cents each, in one of them i'm gonna write down things i wanna blog when i'm not behind a computer and in the 2nd journal i wanna hand write my new story.
When i was on the train last Friday from my school intake interview to my parents place to visit, i all of a sudden got a great inspiration for a story and as quickly as ai could i grabbed pen and paper, little did i know it was my last piece on (lined) paper, i can't write on paper without lines.
today i finally finished the piece of paper and couldn't write a word on it anymore so i thought i'd go buy a journal to write it in, which gave me a great idea.
I NEVER think thought an entire story before writing, i think of a beginning and i think of an end (not always though like right now) and i just start writing and make things up and see where it ends.
Now that i'm going to be writing it all down with a real pen, it's gonna be one heck of a challenge to NOT make to many typo's but that's EXACTLY why i wanna do this, improvisation in real life.
Every typo i make while writing this blog (hope it's interesting enough though, no experience here) i can erase with the backspace key and re-type the word. In a real journal, when you f*ck up you're simply f*cked so i'm REALLY REALLY exited for this new experience.

I hope that who ever reads these blogs leaves a comment, i don't care what you type in it. It could be a reply to what i wrote here or just a question but if you completed this blog i congratulate you, you're officially in my head now and this is exactly how i talk to my self in my head, only afterwards i forget about it and while i write this i start thinking of other stuff so i have no idea how the future is gonna be, i mean blogging wise.

If my dad reads this, take care of mom dude, you're EPIC and i know you can handle it, i'm very happy you told me the news even though the news wasn't good at all.

As of this moment it's 3:55 P.M. and i'm gonna stop blogging, updating my story so that everything that i had written down on the small piece of paper that i had in my bag that day, can safely be thrown away and then i'm going to enjoy some nice YouTube and tonight is all for WoW (World of Warcraft).

Like i said, i don't know what i'll be blogging about or how often, i just know that i just realized that this feels like a great outlet and on twitter you only have 120 hits if i'm not mistaken.

Thanks for reading and see you next time
- Straps

It's a wonder if you found me without knowing me through Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook or DailyBooth so come check me out if you feel like it. I feel like writing is my weakest point of all things i like


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  1. Awesome entry. :)
    A blog content can be anything. Either poems or whatever you feel like typing. :)

    Before I started vlogging, I was originally a blogger. Keep on keeping on. :)