dinsdag 1 maart 2011

A New Beginning!

hey there blogger.com!

a couple of weeks ago i tried starting to blog but it was to much because i was super behind on my own vlogs on youtube so its march 1st 2011 and im finally clean of work so i am gonig to use this to start blogging and see if it fits me all!

tonight before i go to bed ill post my 1st real blog, if you are interested in what i do on youtube you can watch my 1st (new) vlog. i say new in ( ) signs cause its only the 22st vlog of my new channel but that you can all read in my profile.
if you have any interests in following me around, i'm on twitter, dailybooth, youtube (2 channels and soon maybe 3 or even 4) and ofcourse facebook...

well enjoy this 1st vlog and later today ill post my 1st ever online blog

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