woensdag 28 september 2011

Caught up!!

Hello guys, sorry that i'm leaving you hanging just like this but i'm only writing in my real journal.
I am totally going to rewrite them all on my computer and post them here cause that kinda what i REALLY bought the journal for, to not forget anything crucual, but since i'm almost a week behind on daily vlogs, it's not even on my mind to start the blogs again but i promise they will be here ASAP!
Last saturday i celebrated my 24th birthday which resulted in a lot of footage but my editing software does NOT allow my footage to just BE there, oh no, it's Straps his footage and everything connected to Straps much be dramatized and difficult, so basically i have to convert every single clip that i shoot.
Not really a problem, it's just that every 10 seconds worth of footage takes about 30 seconds of converting...get my point?

Anyways, my biggest apologies for being gone so long BUT i haz returned and will do my super best to post at least ONE blog a day and if i have somethnig interesting to talk about i'll just do another one.

Thanks for reading, please don't forget to leave a comment and follow me if you like and i'll see you next time!
- Straps

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