maandag 3 oktober 2011

Blogging Fail

So much for promising to start writing EVERY day last week right?

Hi guys, thanks once again for reading my blog, i'm REALLY sorry that i didn't di anything anymore since my last blog "Gay Issues" but the problem is simple.
I chose ths SUPEr fabulous webpage lay-out but it didn't allow me to go back to my settings anymore so i simple couldn't start writing a new blog!

Right now i'm all back and i'm all up-to-date with my vlogs on YouTube so if i keep it like this i can totally start blogging EVERY single day. i'm gonna try my best to at least post 1 blog a day and hopefully possibly maybe ill do more ^^

For now i'm afraid this is it, it's 12:40 AM and i wanna be up early tomorrow so i can start uploading my latest (monday oct 3) vlog. i finished editing that vlog 9:30 already.

Wel i wish you all a great morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Wherever you are in the world!

Please don't forget to leave me a message and if you'd like, please start following me so you'll be the 1st to know when something is online!!

Thanks for reading!
- Straps

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