dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

I'm Clean!

Good morning dear blog readings. (3 people if i'm right hihi) I hope your day started out as cool or better then mine, i woke up to an additional 9 new subscribers on StrapsChronicles.
I really wonder where they all came from all of a sudden, right now i'm actually on 709 subs.
I never even thought i'd make it to the 500 subs within 3 years and now all of a sudden within the 1st year of daily vlogging i'm on 709 f*cking subs, i'm super great full for this.
Now let's hope my viewership, comments and thumbs up+sharing goes up so i stand an actual chance on the YouTube Partnership which i've been dreaming of ever since i started YouTube which is about 3 almost 4 years ago.

Yesterday evening i started editing my yesterdays vlog already and i uploaded it around 1AM when everyone was asleep so i didn't bother anyone, i just answered all the comments i got so far and gave those 9 addition subs a shout-out so i'm ALL CLEAN NOW.
There is NOTHING i can do anymore besides hoping on new subs, comments and just filming today's vlog, which is also kinda exiting, today i'm getting 2 visitors, 1 of them has a special twist to him/herself and i'll totally be vlogging it XD

for now i guess this is it, i started thinking how i could manage this account but i think i'm just gonna do this "Gossip Girl" / "Harriet and the Blog Wars" kinda style.
As in basically just updates and news and i talk a bit more about those subjects, obviously i'm open to ALL suggestions to what i should talk about.

SOMEONE has to explain to me how this "labeling" works, is it the same as tags on YouTube? if so i'll just copy them so then at least i'll have some labels hihi.

Ok, i'm off, let's go clean the rat cage and the rest of my room, it's 11:33 AM now and my visitors will be here around 2 so i'll have more then enough time to clean everything here while i'm gonna catch up on a sh*tload of YouTube videos

BTW, if you read this, i need a cool catch phrase to end my blogs, any ideas?

Thanks for reading, don't forget to leaev a comment, follow me if you're not yet following me and i'll see you in the next blog!

- Straps

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