woensdag 12 oktober 2011

My Own Website!

Good morning my lovely blog readers!

This morning i'm fully back to blogging, and this time i'm keeping my promise, i promose, LOL!
I thought the best way for me to interact with people around the world was going online to youtube every single day answering the comments but on twitter i have totally different followers, i'm gonna try building my own website i think.
A friend of mine (anonymous) promised me to build a site multiple times already but either he's not even online to help OR he's not responding to i think i'm gonna take matters into my own hands.
Years ago i kinda learned how to work around HTML, maybe it's worth a shot and i become good at webdesign, the cool thing about HTML is that there aren't much boundaries.
Als long as there is a code for something, you can build it, you just need to know HOW to write those codes but i guess we can look all of that up right?
So, inspired by LeanderTV on youtube (go check him out, he's an AMAZING guy and rather cute but he's already in a relationship (dang it hihi) so i won't bother him with that kinda bullsh*t.
I really just want 1 website of my own that i can easily manage and have control over, the website is gonna have apps and such for like twitter, facebook, youtube. It's gonna have a chat room, picture gallery and ofcourse a blogpost page.
It just seems so sufficient to have everything in one website, and it looks professional!

What do you think, shall i go for it? and i need a website name but i guess we an save that till the launching day wich will be in about a million years?

Before i leave you all (3 people who read this i guess :P ) underneath there are 2 videos, in case you're either interested or you missed it or both XD.

The 1st video is from last Sunday, Oct 9.
I went to Amsterdam with my BFFs Yvon, Lucy and PixelFetish to go meet 3 of our youtube idols: Philip DeFranco, Matthew and Lindsay.
It was a complete blast and i know half an hour is long but i don't wanna spoil anything, all i can say is that there are some cool surprises in the video so feel free to watch it.

This 2nd video is the day after and even though it's not such a special video compared to the 1st video, it's my 1st EVER part partnership monetized video which means there are ads on it with which i can start making money and i'm super proud of this!

if you REALLY like the videos please check them on youtube itself so you can leave a comment thumb it up, share it and maybe even click of favorite, wow, that would be awesome!

As always, i really appreciate you're time for readig and this time maybe even watching!
Please feel free to leave me a message and if you like my blogs and you wanna be the 1st to know when my next blog is uploaded, follow/subscribe please and help spread the love

- Straps

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