maandag 31 oktober 2011

Makeup Tutorial - Daily Routine

Hello there my dear blog readers!!

My super big apology for NOT posting anything lately but as you might watch my daily vlogs you might understand that i'm a very proud activist for 1 over the over 25 adapted occupy wallstreet chapters here in the dutch city of Amersfoort so im not behind my pc 24/7 anymore BUT i told them everything about my work online and they agreed on letting me film there and such so i can post that online and i will do so as much as possibly possible if that sounds logic :P
For now i'm just very proud to present that i've made my 1st EVER makeup tutorial video, NO i did notput make-up on myself but i recorded my best friend Lucy (LucyComeOut on youtube) while she was doing her makeup, i recrded the products and without any help or inside info on the actuall products i tried making a video and this is the end result, i hope you like it.
if you do please leave a comment, thumb it up and make sure to share it with all your friends, family and online social media sites. thanks so much!


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