vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Music And Memories!

Hello there my awesome blog readers!

I was taking a shower ( YES I SHOWER STFU XD ) this morning and since no one else was home i left open my apartment door to blast some awesome music which i'd be able to hear in the shower then.
To maintain the privacy of certain people i won't call band names or the names of the people BUT before i came out of the closet almost 2 years ago i still dated girls, and especially with 2 girls i got introduced to a certain band which were super awesome, the 1st band i can give, it's Cradle Of Filth.
Way back in the day i dated this girl who was totally obsessed with COF and listened to it whenever she had the chance and when her BFF came over they usually switched to The Murderdolls.
During our period of dating we had loads of fun but i had to travel about 40 Kilometers/12.4 miles from my home to hers and another 40KM/12.4 miles back, and i didn't care cause i love cycling, i love listening to music while cycling and back then i don't know if youtube even existed let alone people vlogged with a digital camera, so i didn't have to make sure my camera got wet and my MP#-player was water proof.
Anyways, she had a more f*cked up school life then me so as long as she didn't had to go to school she prefered staying inside which i kinda could understand but that did mean that she NEVER came over to my place.
One day when i came over and we had a small celebratino since we were dating for 6 months, i gave her a present and we kinda made out ( sorry if TMI ) and then she said, i'm really sorry i didn't get you a gift but i DO have to tell you something, i'm sorry to say but i think i'm a lesbian and i'd like to break up with you. Ofcourse i was heart broken and thought of the fact that i was one frozen chuck of human being and i just had amillion reasons not to stay there anymore so i also had to drive the entire way back, she said she didn't wanna break up over the phone which is pretty cool cause it's f*cking weak i think but as of that moment i didn't care anymore and i'd appreciated if she did it over the phone but oh well i've had my daily excersize (sorry for my spelling but that is the least of the problems in this story, can't remember the spelling ATM)
so i went home and at home i just listened to some music while playing my (at that time) fave PC game GTA3 and when i heard The Murderdolls i didn't like them anymore, all they did was remind me of her and some people say that that means you're not over a person but trust me in this, when it comes to music and events i have a super strong memory so still now a day i can't listen to COD or The Murderdolls unless it's a song i didn't know back then. the last girlfriend i had was into a band as well which i won't give for her privacy and i still kinda know her and some of her friends are my friends as well. Nothing at all against her trust me but i wanna avoid people knowing who it is or giving her trouble.
Anyways, she listened/listens to certain bands and same story here, i just can't listen to to bands without think about that period of my life.
Another example is Slipknot Slipknot album, during that period of time when i started listening i was in high school and seriously when i hear stories of bullied teens who committed suicide or tried committing suicide i wonder what pulled me through cause those stories were nothing compared to mine, of course everyone's story is troublesome but you get my point right?
Anyways, due to the period of time in which i listened to Slipknot i sometimes even taste the nasty summer dryness from the swamp i had to travel through to go to school every day and i got my *ss kicked multiple times ANd i even got threatened to get killed a couple of times so those memories stay with you forever when i listen to those songs/artists and such.

Now my question to you guys is.
Do you feel the same about this or do you have a complete different perspective on this?

As always, i'm very thankful for your time, please don't forget to leave a comment and also leave your suggestions on what i can improve about my blogs or maybe what you want me to write about.

Ok, see you later guys!
Bye Bye

- Straps

I totally forgot to hit the "Publish Post" so this blog is being posted 3PM (holland time) but was written at 9AM already.
Gosh i'm such an idiot sometimes, hihi!
- xoxo

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