maandag 24 oktober 2011

Hair Styles

Hello my dear blog readers!

About two or three days ago i saw a video on YouTube (no shit sherlock, i'm always on YouTube lol) and i fell in love with this haircut which opened up a question in my brain.
I don't understand why girls (females over-all, age doesn't really matter) can pull off any kinda clothing style or hair style and it's considered fashionable but when a guy does something different it might only be considered fashionable when he actually works in fashion which i don't, i don't even had a class (ever) considering fashion but yeah i have seen this haircut and like the old tale of the curse on Medusa that you'll turn into stone after you've look directly into her eyes and such, this haircut is burned into my brain and i'm like obsessing over it so i wanted to share it with you guys and maybe give some suggestions on likewise haircuts or colors. The haircut i'm talking about is this one displayed right here!
Please don't think i'm joking cause i LOVE this haircut, maybe a different color but i love this color so i actually might, but what do you guys think?
And why is it socially accepted if girls do whatever they please (fashion-wise) and when men do that you can wave your job goodbye or wave your chances for a job goodbye.

As always thanks so much for reading my blog, i hope you will take a second to leave me a comment and ill see you in my next blog!

Bye Bye
- Straps

If you feel like it please leave me links for haircut ideas, you never know if you win me over <3

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