dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

People Need Threats?!

Hello my awesome blog readers!

I just received an email from school, FINALLY!
i've been sending them several emails over the last couple of weeks, almost stalkerwise.
for the people not know what's going on.

In the beginning of September i submitted myself to the CIS media school in holland amsterdam.
together with about 15 (or so) others i was picked out for a "in-take" day on September 2, in which they explain stuff about the education you're about to follow and we had to do some tests.
At the end of the day we got told that we'd be called and hear if we're accepted yes or no.
They told us they were going to do the best they would to inform us that same day but since we're a "large group" they couldn't assure we'd all be called that day.
Being the person i am i expected the worst and i thought i'm gonna be the last called person and i'm gonna hear a no so i basically waited for nothing.
They needed to keep our portfolio (i've been working on that thing for months) so later that day they (the teachers) could gather and discuss our cases.
I was super bummed about it cause i ALWAYS have my portfolio with me since i might have inspiration out of nowhere and i wanna start writing.

ONLY TODAY (OCT 4) i received an email from them saying my portfolio will "soon" be send back to me and according to their administrative personal they totally called me.

the weird thing is, and this might be a coincidence BUT they didn't show ANY sign of life till now, in my last email i threatened to involve the autorities or Theft of art (dont ask me, just came up in my head) and corruption and NOW they react, well at least i finally GOT an answer but still..

ANYWAYS thats what i wanted to get of my mind, TTYL XOXO

- Straps

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