maandag 24 oktober 2011

Occupy Wall-Street: Amersfoort chapter.


Hello my dear blog readers!
Today i tried participating in the "Occupy Wall-Street" demonstrations and they finally came to Amersfoort (city in the province Utrecht where i live) i felt really bad i couldn't do anything to help these protests simply cause my wallet didn't allow it but since it is in Amersfoort it wouldn't be a problem since i live there. Better yet, it is seriously only 5 on the bike away from home so i had the chance to actually go and i'm totally thinking of going back tomorrow/wednesday or some other day, i just need to be more prepared cause it was freakin' cold!
I have a lot of respect for the people who do this cause some of them actually also sleep there and it's like October so it's not at all warm, not even during the day. I was there till like 6 P.M. and in the end i was totally starting to freeze off my balls hihi.
It was totally awesome, no one was looking for a fight, everyone took it very serious and they keep the place VERY clean, i couldn't spot any trash, well at least not outside of the trash bin hihi.
Tomorrow or wednesday i'm totally gonna try to film way more, many people actually also asked for my YouTube channel and my business card which made me happy, more locals to see my videos.

I also had dinner there, was very awesome, everything they serve is vegetarian/vegan to make sure that EVERYONE who wants to eat there can actually stay there and doesn't have to leave. Random strangers who liked the protests even sponsor them now with food.
The cold weather is not at all a match for the amazing atmosphere going on, everyone is friendly, no questions are stupid and they don't try to convert you.
Many of them actually even knew ZeitGeist and are Anti-Illuminati and anti mass production and such so i'm totally excited i was there and totally looking forward to going back, just don't know when.

As always, i thank you so much for reading my blog, i'm a daily vlogger and i just like writing but i'm not to good at is so super thanks for your time!

Please don't forget to leave a comment if you feel like that and help spread these blogs so more people will actually read them.
Would actually be totally awesome if the people i met today would read this hihi.

Bye Bye
- Straps

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