zondag 23 oktober 2011

Personal Subjects!

Hello my dear blog readers!

I know it has been a while since i've posted a blog but i prefer blogging about something real every now and then over blogging about bullsh*t every single day, i wanna do the best i can writing entertaining stuff that's gonna make you think, laugh etc.
That is the reason why i haven't been blogging lately, there is something on my mind though but to me personally it's a very sensitive subject. 1 or 2 people i know in real life might know about this but that's it and they know me and respect me but they don't even udnerstand this subject o i really need to use the right words for this before i start writing.
Eventually you'll know about this but personally, writing about this is more nerve wrecking thenm coming out of the closet to my best friends and my family and even though i had a good feeling about that (which fortunately for me was also the end result) it felt like going through hell (though hell seems like a nice place now, my apartment is freezing cold, could use some heat) but eventually not needed.
You can ask everyone i know in my personal life and they will ALL (within seconds) agree that i'm the worst person in the universe sometimes telling something with the right words...AKA...while all is meant well, i use the wrong words to explain something and all hell will break loose. What is with me and hell today, it's not THAT cold up here...
what also plays a big part (coming back to the main subject of this blog...which ironically is blogging itself) is that i write what i think, it's LITERALLY the same way as in movies or tv series where you have those scenes in which a certain actor/actress narrates him/herself, making you feel like you literally hear them thinking out loud. THAT is my main inspiration for blogging online since i'm terrible with pen and paper...i mean i can write stuff down but i'm terribly slow and trust me, when i write something down, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are considered easy to learn how to read languages.
I have many thought in my head but i only have like 3 or 4 followers and YES that includes me, i know i suck, i need self support to feel good LOL.

Anyways, i feel like I've once again succeeded in what i also do in real life. Starting a conversation about a topic that seems totally BS now and to be honest i even forgot what i was talking about.

I just wanted to let my 3 readers (hihi not mocking you three just having some fun) know that i DID NOT stop blogging.
If anyone who reads this is interested in my opinion on a certain topic, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and i ALWAYS look into it, you just might not always like my opinion/answer, why did i just use a slash why the words "answer & Opinion are the same...at least in this context.

As always i thank you very much for reading my blog, please leave a comment, share this blog with your friends and family and i will talk to all of you later (hopefully tomorrow or the day after)

Bye Bye
- Straps

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